Ever Wanted To Plan Your Events Yourself But Didn’t Know How Or Where To Begin? Want To Launch Sophisticated, Successful Events Time After Time?

Get Set To Discover The Event Planning Blueprint You Need To Ensure That You Plan And Deliver Pure Event Perfection Each And Every Time! Launch Events With The Least Amount Of Expense And Hassle Possible For Top Results And Maximum Wow-Factor!

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Planning an important event can feel like a daunting task. Peoples’ expectations are high, your own standards are high, and you want to be able to plan and execute an event that people will enjoy and remember for years to come.

When planning a fundraiser or charity event, all this can become even more important! How can you ensure that people have a great time and feel happy to open their wallets at the same time?

Even if you love the idea of planning an event, it can still be slightly overwhelming, even if you’ve planned one before! That’s because true event success comes down to perfected planning, and if you don’t have the planning blueprint you need to ensure that the whole event goes off without a hitch or hassle, all your carefully laid plans can come crashing down and end in disaster!

So get set to discover the event planning roadmap you need for consistent and impressive functions each and every time! Why settle for mediocre or stressful events, when you can have perfect and breath-taking events?! The solution you need is now here!

Dear Fellow Event Planner,

When you are facing an important event do you feel weak in the knees at the thought of planning it? Are you afraid there will be problems? Do you wonder how you’ll get everything done on time and ensure everyone has a good time?
If so, you’re not alone!

Planning and delivering an event, be it a children’s birthday party or a Fortune 500 company party or charity ball, involves many surprising little details and contingencies that it can feel impossible to see them all coming.

There are so many aspects to any great event, and just when you think you have them all covered, another pops out of the woodwork to derail all your careful planning.

There’s no question that event planning can be stressful and overwhelming, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling... when you have the tools you need to ensure it is an absolute success!

Believe me, I learned this the hard way! As a senior member of a large company’s Public Relations department, I practically spent all my working hours planning some sort of event. Stupidly, maybe arrogantly, I thought I could do it all by myself, with no guidance or advice.

Here are just a few things an event planner needs to consider... Are you an expert, or even at all experienced, in these areas of event planning?

How to source and secure the best venue, for the best price?
How to deal with suppliers and caterers, to ensure everything comes off without a hitch?
How to compile an appropriate guest list, table arrangements, and entertainments for the event?
How to ensure the event is informative and educational, if appropriate?
How to convey an overall sense of sophistication and flair?
And so, so much more?

Like I said, I thought I knew all of this well enough to pull off successful events. I thought I had it all covered. But when an important fundraising event went utterly pear-shaped one day – a disaster that almost cost me my job – I knew something had to change! There had to be an easier way to plan and launch complete, sophisticated, memorable events, without all the pain and stress and anxiety along the way!

And that’s when I discovered my new bible when it comes to developing and launching utterly brilliant and sophisticated events with ease and flair... something that’s earned me several PR promotions since...

Event Planning Perfection!

This incredible book really serves as my roadmap to planning and executing inspiring, informative, memorable, enjoyable events. Many of my colleagues and fellow event planners swear by this amazing guide too, and today, it’s here for your event planning also!

Here’s a sneak peak at all the wonderful tips, strategies, and insider secrets you’ll discover inside Event Planning Perfection...

Master the key ideas and cornerstones that will make your event successful
Be able to identify and secure the perfect venue to suit your function, at the price you want it
Discover nine industry-secret tips and tricks for event planning perfection
Know how to incorporate entertainment in appropriate, inexpensive ways to maximum enjoyment
Uncover the ins and outs of event logistics, so you can be sure that nothing will surprise you or trip you up
Discover the five pitfalls you have to look out for when planning your next event, so you can avoid them with ease
Know how to attract the right people, in the right volume, to your event
Master the art of dealing with caterers, suppliers, contractors, and entertainers, so you can be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck with the least amount of stress or hassle
Six factors to look out for when planning the event itinerary are laid out before you... you cannot afford to ignore these variables!
Know how to create effective team bonding at your events
Uncover the best ways to market your event, so ensure it is a raving and well-attended success
And there is so much more to discover and master inside Event Planning Perfection!
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Yes, you really can become the event planning mastermind you always knew you were capable of being!

Why engage in event planning with the maximum amount of stress and pain? Why put yourself through all the anxiety and heartache that comes with trying to do it all on your own, with no guidance or expert shortcuts or advice? Why not plan perfect events that you can actually enjoy planning and taking part in?!

All that, and more, becomes infinitely possible once you are equipped with all the knowledge and tips inside Event Planning Perfection!

This phenomenal event planning guide covers absolutely everything you need to know and address when planning an important event, whether that event is a:

Corporate function or party
Office get-together
Awards night
Graduation party
Charity Ball
Religious milestone or celebration
Anniversary party
Debutante Ball
Birthday party
You name it!

You see, the principles and winning strategies contained inside Event Planning Perfection apply to ANY event! If it involves a guest list and requires food and drink, on that basis alone you simply must get your hands on a copy of Even Planning Perfection to ensure that your function is a memorable and wonderful event!

Haven’t you ever wondered why professional party planners charge such exorbitantly high rates? It is because they know how much detail and planning and tweaking goes into any great event, and they have learnt how to foresee any contingency or change or plan they might need to make, sometimes at the very last minute!

Once you are armed with your very own copy of Event Planning Perfection, you won’t need a professional ever again! You will BECOME that professional-level expert! Heck, if you’re interested, you can launch your own event or party planning business for yourself!

With Event Planning Perfection, you’ll have all the knowledge and skills and expert strategies you need to ensure a gorgeous, memorable, hassle-free event each and every time!

Here’s another taste of all the industry-secrets and insider strategies you can discover inside the wonderful new guide Event Planning Perfection...

Discover how to truly become an excellent event planner, no matter what the function or occasion
Know what you need to do to ensure the event is a fundamental success
Uncover what you simply must look for when planning an offsite event
Master easy and hassle free meeting planning tips
Ten key reasons as to why you SHOULD organize your own events are revealed
Know how to work with teambuilding elements in your offsite events
Discover how to generate and execute fun ideas
Understand how to work with event suppliers, so everything runs as smoothly as silk
Uncover eight tips to transform your event venue
Master the ways that you can make your event educational or productive, without sacrificing on fun or enjoyment
Importantly, know what to do when things don't go as planned during events, to ensure it is still an ultimate success
Uncover top organizational tips previously held sacred by a few top-tier party and event planners
Discover 10 simple ways to make your event interesting and exciting

And there are just so many more winning strategies and event planning solutions to discover inside Event Planning Perfection!

There is absolutely no need to put up with second rate events for a second longer! Do you realize that pulling off the perfect, utterly memorable and successful event could mean the difference between promotion or obscurity for you in your career? Plan perfect events with Event Planning Perfection and pull ahead in your career!
Even if you have managed to pull off successful events in the past, I bet it was very stressful and there were last minute hitches and problems you had to solve under high pressure...

Event planning does not need to be stressful or sub-par in any way. You truly can put together sophisticated and complete events with ease, once you are equipped with the Event Planning Perfection blueprint!

So I am sure that you are super keen to secure your own copy of this ground-breaking book right now, but perhaps you’re wondering...

Just what price do I have to pay to ensure I can plan and deliver perfect events, time after time after time?

Well, the great news is... peanuts!

Yes, I could easily charge big bucks for this book, and considering what you could easily spend on professional party planners and event production companies, perhaps I really should be charging more! But hey, I want you to be able to embrace and enjoy the many satisfactions that come with pulling off the perfect event or function! Let’s make it easier for us all to have a great time and enjoy personal and vocational fulfilment at the same time!

And so, for a limited time only, you can obtain the phenomenal book Event Planning Perfection for only...

ONLY $47

for lifetime access & updates


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Yes, for less than the price of a session with a professional party planner, for less than the deposit that you would have to pay an event production company, you can uncover all the information and strategies you need to plan and deliver utterly perfect and complete events, hassle free, and for all for just this one teeny-tiny fee!
And just to make the decision even easier for you, I am also offering you a...


Yes, I am so confident that you are going to LOVE the book Event Planning Perfection that I will back it 100%. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied or do not love the fact that you are now delivering gorgeous events with ease, over and over again, simply return it and receive back every penny.

Event planning is no longer the realm of paid professionals! You can plan the cake and eat it too, once you are armed with all the incredible information and insights inside your very own copy of Event Planning Perfection!

You too now have to power to execute memorable and successful events with ease and flair. Once you have secured your very own copy of Event Planning Perfection, you will never feel overwhelmed by all the details and special touches that need to go into any winning event ever again! And so for this very low price, with an incredible guarantee, planning perfect events is now as easy as clicking a button!

ONLY $47


You can be on the way to planning and executing stunning, inspiring events in less than 5 minutes when you order right now. Your book will be delivered directly to you, and you’ll have it handy to refer to whenever you need advice and inspiration!
This really is event planning made easy! So ditch the professionals who just want to take your cash, and do it all for yourself and enjoy the great sense of achievement and satisfaction that will follow! All the answers, solutions, and practical advice you could ever need are all contained inside the ground-breaking book Event Planning Perfection!

Here’s to your successful and stunning events,


PS. Secure your very own copy of the incredible guide Event Planning Perfection today, and begin to embrace your new role as an event planning master starting now!

PPS. Wouldn’t you like to be able to plan top quality, gorgeous events without sacrificing your sanity or all your money in the process? Discover just how easy and fun event planning can be, and enjoy producing breath-taking and memorable events as soon as you obtain your very own copy of Event Planning Perfection! Go on, do it now!


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